Friday, August 31, 2012

Find USB PIC Programmer

For you beginners who will learn PICmicro microcontroller families (eg PIC16F84 / A etc) then you will immediately know that it takes at least two tools to study the microcontroller (or microcontroller in general).

The first is a Programmer / Downloader Microcontroller. Programmer or downloader was used to fill in the program into the microcontroller. These devices are connected to the computer (PC) and then there is a cable connected to the target microcontroller.

Furthermore hex file contained on the computer will be transferred / downloaded in Flash Memory on a microcontroller. In the market today there are Indonesia Programmer / Downloader for PICmicro microcontroller families to use interface parallel port (LPT) as shown in the following gamba.

One drawback of the programmer / downloader with
parallel interface is to use computer terminals located LPT. The terminal is located on the home computer and not located in a portable computer (notebook).

Therefore, nowadays portable computer (notebook) has been widely used by the learner / student, the need for programmer / downloader that uses a USB interface higher.

Therefore, allow me to introduce a programmer / downloader PICmicro microcontroller family that uses a USB interface. This product is iCP01 USB PIC Programmer. This tool is designed quite compact and practical and relatively small size. In addition to actually program the system microcontroller ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programmer) ZIF socket i
s also provided which can be used to program the microcontroller in parallel.

Programmer can be connected with a ZIF connector as shown below.

The iCP01 features USB PIC Programmer is as follows.

Interface (interface) using a USB (Universal Serial Bus)
Does not require power supply of the device programmer

We've tried to use this programmer I plug panda desktop computer with Windows XP and did not experience significant difficulties. We try to program a PIC microcontroller and can work well.

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